Why You Need Travel Insurance

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

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Throughout most of my twenties, I went on extended trips abroad of up to 5-7 weeks without travel insurance. From riding scooters on the mountain roads of Thailand to sandboarding in the vast dunes of Peru, I engaged in some pretty risky activities without any plans for worst-case scenarios. 

I saw other travellers get injured from the same activities and foolish thought “I’ll just be more careful, this won’t happen to me.” In hindsight, they were some of the riskier things I’ve done and I was pretty lucky not to have suffered any injuries. All to save a pretty penny from not buying travel insurance.

A well-known blogger, Nomad Matt, puts it quite aptly: “It’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need. You never know what could happen, and most health insurance plans don’t cover you when you travel.”

Why You Need Travel Insurance

Forget about hypothetical what if’s. Below are some examples of things I’ve personally witnessed or heard first-hand accounts from other travellers during my travels:

A scooter crash near Chiang Mai that resulted in severe road rash and a trip to a local clinic.

A sand boarding wipe out near Ica that caused a separated shoulder and a trip to the hospital.

A bicycle crash near La Paz that ended a 6-month trip around-the-world.

An expensive smartphone stolen in the common area of a well-known Barcelona hostel.

Life is unpredictable. You wouldn’t drive a car without auto insurance or buy a home without getting home insurance, so why would you travel without travel insurance?

In my experience, the best company to buy from is World Nomads. They are my #1 trusted source for travel insurance. They have great customer service, competitive prices, and in-depth comprehensive coverage.

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A Worst-Case Scenario:

Eilat Israel

It was April of 2018. I had been in Israel for just thirty minutes after crossing the land border from Jordan. Our taxi driver dropped us off at a local bus station and then promptly sped off…with my 45L backpack still inside the trunk!

I was left with the clothes on my back, and a small daypack with my super-valuables such as passport, phone, credit cards and laptop. Everything else; travel souvenirs, clothes, accessories were all gone.

To make a long story short, I never found the scummy taxi driver who stole all my stuff and the local law enforcement wasn’t much help aside from filing a police report.

I made a claim with World Nomads, provided them with a copy of the police report, filled in all the basic information and within a week or two, I was reimbursed over $1000 to cover the cost of replacing my belongings! They made the process easy and the reimbursement was quick. That one incident alone covered the cost of the premium I had paid at the start of the trip.  

Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.” -Franz Kafka

If you can’t afford travel insurance, you probably can’t afford to travel. For only a small fraction of the price of your trip, you get to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you’re are covered against a potentially huge bill due to unforeseen circumstances and emergencies.

Don’t leave home without travel insurance.
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