Episode 10 Show Notes - Adrenaline Adventures and Based in Bali with Danny Carlson

Episode Notes:

Joining me today is an adrenaline junkie and fellow podcaster. Danny Carlson is a former competitive long boarder and construction worker turned online entrepreneur. He is also the host of the Danny Carlson Podcast, a show that dives into lifestyle design and location freedom. He is now based out of Bali, where he enjoys the vibrant acro-yoga scene while riding motorcycles. We had a wide-ranging conversation from everything you’d want to know about living in Bali to why acro-yoga is a great practice for travelers. 

Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

On this episode we covered:

  • How competitive downhill longboarding took him all around the world
  • The biggest hotspots and the craziest roads for extreme longboarding
  • How a near death experience in the Philippines prompted him to re-examine his lifestyle
  • What it’s like to live in Cebu City
  • Travel tips for getting around the Philippines
  • What prompted him to move to Bali
  • Bali neighbourhood recommendations and cost of living
  • How to save money on accommodations in Bali
  • How over tourism has negatively affected foreigner reputation
  • The most common travel scams to beware of in Bali
  • The “rules of the road” or lack thereof
  • The best roads for a scenic scooter riding experience
  • The benefits of acro-yoga for improved fitness and social life
  • The strong acro-yoga communities in Bali and other cities around the globe
  • And much more!

Where to find Danny

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Website: https://www.kenjiroi.com

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