Episode 09 Show Notes - A Career in the Clouds and Finding FIRE with Clover Lam

Viajero Club Travel Show E09 with Clover Lam

Joining me today is someone who’s career in the clouds has taken her all around the globe. Clover Lam is a veteran flight attendant and blogger based out of Toronto, Canada. Clover is also the founder of Simply Clover Living, an online resource that shows the intimidated how to turn adventures into reality by exploring the world. She is also deeply passionate about all things related to personal development; from travel to mindset and personal finances.

Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

On this episode we covered:

  • How she got started in the airline industry
  • The application and hiring process to become a flight attendant
  • The benefits and challenges of the career and lifestyle
  • How to endear yourself to flight attendants and get pampered
  • How she deals with jet lag and constantly changing time zones
  • Her favourite country for solo female travel
  • The idea of a swimming holiday and her favourite destinations
  • How to take the best tripod photos while travelling
  • What is the FIRE Movement (Financially Independent, Retire Early)
  • The basics steps to achieve FIRE
  • The 4% Rule and the Trinity Study
  • How your savings rate affects your target retirement number
  • Why she sold her condo and chose to rent with roommates
  • How FIRE has shifted her mindset on material possessions
  • How minimalism helps to spark joy
  • And much more!

 Resources and Books Mentioned: 

    SwimTrek – Company for Swimming Holidays

    “Quit Like a Millionaire” by Kristy Shen & Bryce Leung (Amazon Affiliate Link)

    Where to find Clover:

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simplycloverliving/

    Website: https://simplycloverliving.com

    Follow Gary on IG: https://www.instagram.com/viajeroclub/

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