Episode 07 Show Notes - Solo Female Travel and a Trip to Turkey with Anita Hisir

Joining me today is a personal friend and a deeply introspective, fellow travel lover. Anita Hisir is a women’s coach, writer and speaker based out of Vancouver, Canada. Anita is also the founder of InHerVision, a women empowerment coaching company that helps women build the life of their dreams. She has shattered her own limiting beliefs through travel, journaling and reflection. She is also a DJ and astrology enthusiast!

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On this episode we covered:

  • How a deep realization prompted her to quit a job to travel
  • How a moment in Bali and public speaking made her decide to become a life coach
  • Her latest project, “Fierce and Feminine,” to help women build self-esteem
  • Why solo travel is the key to self-discovery
  • How she overcame the initial fear of travelling alone
  • A powerful exercise for developing intuition and embracing serendipity
  • Her tips for women on how to stay safe on the road
  • Her experiences travelling solo as a woman in a Muslim country
  • Dealing with romantic advances and manipulation
  • Her favourite food recommendations in Turkey
  • How to take the best photos in Cappadocia
  • The lesser known, must visit destinations in the Netherlands
  • The surprising value of spirituality and astrology
  • Her top advice for young women
  • And much more!

Where to find Anita:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inhervision/

Email: hello@inhervision.com

Website: https://inhervision.com

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