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Book Review – Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers

Every Trip Starts as an Idea What happens when someone who has made millions investing on Wall Street achieves financial freedom by the age of 37? What if he decides that he is going to retire and pursue his other passions and dreams? What if that dream was to go on an epic motorcycle trip around the world to see it from the ground up? How does one go about planning for a trip like that, and what sort of eye-opening experiences and obstacles would he encounter along the way? In this fascinating story, the legendary American investor Jim Rogers, founder of the Quantum Fund, shares his ambitious trip around the world during a time of tremendous social change and economic opportunity....

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Book Review - Ten Years a Nomad: A Traveler's Journey Home

There are some travel memoirs that focus primarily on glamorous trips, daring adventures and unforgettable characters. The kind that thrills with endless stories with a clear climax, serving more or less as the book version of a blockbuster pop-corn movie.Ten Years a Nomad (Amazon) is not that kind of book. Instead, author Matt Kepnes aka “Nomadic Matt” has written a thoughtful travel memoir which explores the internal and emotional evolution he experienced as he embarked on a grand adventure around the world which lasted nearly a decade. It is deeply introspective and done in a slower yet gratifying way. Matt takes us on a personal transformation as he goes through all the stages of becoming a savvy world-traveller; first from a...

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33 Signs You’re Addicted to Travel

There is a disease that affects millions of people globally. It’s rarely talked about, but its impact is often felt. Symptoms include a constant yearning to see new places, non-stop thoughts about planning the next trip and an inability to stay in one place for very long. That sickness is the travel bug. There is almost no known cure, but symptoms can be treated with more travel. The problem is that by travelling, it makes you want to travel even more! This reinforces itself in a constant cycle. If you have it, that’s okay because I do too! To help you self-diagnose to see whether you’ve caught on this bug, here are 33 signs you might have the travel bug:...

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