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Book Review – Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers

Every Trip Starts as an Idea What happens when someone who has made millions investing on Wall Street achieves financial freedom by the age of 37? What if he decides that he is going to retire and pursue his other passions and dreams? What if that dream was to go on an epic motorcycle trip around the world to see it from the ground up? How does one go about planning for a trip like that, and what sort of eye-opening experiences and obstacles would he encounter along the way? In this fascinating story, the legendary American investor Jim Rogers, founder of the Quantum Fund, shares his ambitious trip around the world during a time of tremendous social change and economic opportunity....

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The Stopover - How to Spend 72 Hours in San Francisco

Introduction Known as the City by the Bay or SF for short, is a world-renown destination known for its stunning geographical beauty, diverse population and a vibrant culture. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean to the west and lush national parks to the east, what began as gold rush town has become an international destination for artistic dreamers, ambitious entrepreneurs and free spirits. With a history dating back to the 1800’s and a rapidly changing urban landscape, it is a city that cannot be thoroughly explored in a few days. However, if you are short on time, you can still see, experience and sample a good portion of it with good planning and execution! Read on for a guide of how...

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How to Sleep Like a Baby on Airplanes 😴

Introduction Hello my beautiful travellers! This week I want to quickly share with you a few tips to sleep better on airplanes (or busses and trains, whichever your prefer mode of transportation happens to be).We've all been there at some point on the road. You're on a long flight or train ride and can't seem to fall into any sort of quality sleep. Trust me, I've been there and it's not fun. When we arrive at our destination, we're either jet lagged or super tired. Thankfully, over the years I've discovered some neat tricks and useful items to help me get some ZZZ's. Today, I will share them with you:  Get a Window Seat The first step to getting some sleep is generally to...

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